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Abandoned Cart Campaigns - Whatsapp
Abandoned Cart Campaigns - Whatsapp

Best practices for setting up WhatsApp abandoned cart campaigns

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What are abandoned cart campaigns?

Cart abandonment campaigns allow you to send WhatsApp messages to visitors who added a product to cart but didn't complete the purchase.
This is a common problem across ecommerce stores and abandoned cart campaigns on Facebook and WhatsApp generate maximum revenue across all marketing channels.

How to setup abandoned cart campaigns?

Go to WhatsApp -> auto-campaigns in the sidebar and select shopper from the customer journey stages. From here select abandoned cart campaign.
Now in the editor add your customer support number via which customers can reach back to you. Once you're done, click on save and turn on the campaign.

Some common questions:-

How is revenue calculated?

We use a standard 72-attribution period like Facebook Ads and email marketing platforms. This means that someone viewing or clicking on the message sent and purchasing within 72 hours would be attributed as a sale from BiteSpeed.

Who will receive the messages?

A visitor who has opted in to WhatsApp using any of the opt-in tools and has browsed a product but not purchased it will receive the message.
If someone purchases the product before the campaign is sent, they will not receive the campaign.

How to test my campaigns?

After setting up the campaign, open up your store URL in an incognito window, opt-in to messenger using any of the opt-in tools on your website, browse a product, add it to your cart and then close the tab. After the time period set for the Abandonment cart campaign to be delivered, you'll receive it in messenger.

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