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WhatsApp Live Chat Widget

Steps and best practices on setting up the WhatsApp live chat widget

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What is the WhatsApp Live Chat Widget?

The WhatsApp live chat widget is placed in the corner for live chat with on-site visitors and re-engagement on messenger after they leave.

How to set it up?

To start setting it up, just go to WhatsApp->opt-in tools in the left sidebar and select WhatsApp Live Chat Widget from the list of opt-in tools you see to open the editor.

Customizing The Design

The first part is, setting up the design. You will be able to see the preview of the Facebook Live Chat Widget. Here you can customize the widget design for both mobile and web.

  • Editing The Chat heading, Chat subheading and greeting text - These texts can be edited by typing in the associated field in the editor.

  • Changing The Widget Color - You can also choose to change the color of the WhatsApp chat icon.

  • Changing the Chat Color - You can set a gradient for the Chatbox by changing the "Chat color left" and "Chat color right" fields.

  • Providing the support number - Fill in your support number with international code via which users can rach back to you

Customizing The Behaviour

The behaviour settings let you determine when is the WhatsApp Live Chat Widget going to appear, who will see it, where will it come up.

1. When to show:-

  • The WhatsApp Live Chat Widget is shown by default in the bottom-right corner and it cannot be changed.

2. Where to show:-

  • Which device - To display the checkbox on both desktop and mobile or only mobile/desktop.

3. Who to show:-

  • Already Opted In - Whether to display popups to users who have already opted in or not.

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