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Visual Popup - Whatsapp

Steps and best practices on setting up the WhatsApp visual popup

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What is the visual popup?

With the visual popup you can use an attractive visual in your popup that blends in with your brand at welcome or exit-intent. This is recommended to be used to welcome your visitors.

How to set it up?

To start setting it up, just go to WhatsApp->opt-in tools in the left sidebar and select Visual Popup from the list of opt-in tools you see to open the editor.

Customizing The Design

The first part is, setting up the design. You will be able to see the preview of the Visual Popup. Here you can customize the different states of the Visual popup - opened and completed for both mobile and web.

  • button (shaped like a pencil) in the preview on each text portion you want to edit and then in the editor on the left of the preview, just type in your desired text in the textboxes. The changes will reflect in the preview. You can also customise the font colour and the font type.

  • Choosing Layout - For the visual popup we offer 3 different layouts which you can select from options given in the editor.

  • Adding A Discount Code - You can add a discount code to the popup in the editor by selecting the associated discount code (created in Shopify) from the dropdown.

  • Adding An Image - To add an image, click on the edit button on the image in the preview and then in the editor on the left, select if you want to upload an image directly or using a URL.

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