BiteSpeed is completely free with all features for the first 30 days and will continue to remain free till your store generates atleast $200/month from our app. 

After your store crosses $200/month in attributed revenue in one month from our app, you will be charged a $9.99/month flat fee from the next billing cycle. 

Feel free to have a look at this article on how we attribute revenue from our app -

These are some common questions you may have in mind:-

Are you charged if you do not generate sales over $200 in a given month? 

If you are already on a paid plan, for the months in which your store doesn’t generate sales over $200, you will still be invoiced but your invoice amount will be $0. You will only pay if BiteSpeed generates more than $200 in a given month.

If you uninstall and reinstall the app during the free trial period then what happens to the free trial?

If you reinstall the app after using the free trial for a certain number of days, you will still get to use the remaining days of the free trial on reinstalling. Your billing cycle date will just get changed, now starting from the date when you reinstalled the app, accounting for the number of free trial days you had already used up.

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