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Is BiteSpeed compliant with GDPR?
Is BiteSpeed compliant with GDPR?

Find out how BiteSpeed helps merchants protect user privacy

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Yes, BiteSpeed as a Facebook Messenger Marketing platform is compliant with GDPR. 

For end users of BiteSpeed customers

As an ecommerce merchant, under GDPR, you’re considered a “data controller” and BiteSpeed is considered a “data processor”. This means, your users may contact you to ask their data to be removed or to view their data.
In case of such a user request, please message BiteSpeed support through your in-app chat and we'll remove the data requested. 

For BiteSpeed customers

As your vendor for Facebook Messenger Marketing, BiteSpeed acts as a data controller and is compliant with GDPR. You can ask us to remove your data at any time by reaching out to us through the in-app chat. 

For more information about how we handle customer data, please view our Privacy Policy

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