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Welcome Campaign - Facebook
Welcome Campaign - Facebook

Best practices and common questions answered for setting up welcome campaigns for all opt-in tools

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What are welcome campaigns? 

Welcome campaigns are follow-up messages to the opt-in tools which a user is opting in to messenger from. These are used to welcome users to your brand, give them a discount code, an option to engage with you or ask any questions they may have.   

How to setup welcome campaigns?

Welcome campaigns are setup individually for each opt-in tool in the follow-up tab in every opt-in tool editor. These are the opt-in tools we offer:- 

You can setup welcome campaigns for each opt-in tool by going to opt-in tools in the sidebar, selecting the opt-in tool you want to setup the follow-up message for and going to the follow-up tab.
Now in the editor you can edit the messages, change the images, add responses, add a discount code and once you're done, click on save and turn on the campaign. 

Some common questions:-

How is revenue calculated from welcome campaigns? 

We use a standard 72-attribution period like Facebook Ads and email marketing platforms. This means that someone viewing or clicking on the message sent and purchasing within 72 hours would be attributed as a sale from BiteSpeed.

Who will receive the messages? 

A visitor who has opted in to messenger using any of the opt-in tools will receive the message instantly as soon as they opt-in. 

How to test my campaigns?

After setting up the campaign, open up your store URL in an incognito window, opt-in to messenger using any of the opt-in tools on your website and you'll receive the message in messenger.

Best practices:-  

  • Mention the discount code - If you had offered a discount code in the opt-in tool through which the user opted in, we suggest mentioning the discount code in the welcome message for that opt-in tool also, because the user might have missed the code on the opt-in tool. (image)

  • Welcoming the customer - This is a good opportunity to welcome the buyer to your brand and thank them for their purchase with a welcoming image or a fun GIF and text with an emoji or two. 

  • Get the customer to engage - Provide users an option to reply with an engaging quick reply button to ensure the conversation isn't left open-ended. 

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