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Overview Of All Our Opt-in Tools
Overview Of All Our Opt-in Tools

This is an overview of all the opt-in tools and behaviour settings

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Opt-in tools are the tools to get people to subscribe to your Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp Bot so you can re-engage with them. We'll discuss how to select the right opt-in tools for your brand.

Largely, opt-in tools can be differentiated by design - how they appear to the user and behaviour - when they appear (welcome, exit intent, persistent), where they are placed (popup, corner, sidebar) etc. 

Let us have a brief look at all the opt-in tools we offer:-

1. Spin The Wheel - This is the highest converting opt-in tool because it is highly engaging for a user to spin a wheel and get an incentive. It is highly recommended by our team as an exit-intent popup/welcome popup. 

2. Persistent Discount Widget - A non-intrusive discount widget which can be placed anywhere on the screen. Users can click on it to get the discount and subscribe to the messenger list. 

3. Visual Popup - Use an attractive visual in your popup that blends in with your brand at welcome or exit-intent. This is recommended to be used to welcome your visitors.

4. Facebook Live Chat Widget - Add a Facebook live chat widget in the corner of your website for live chat with on-site visitors and re-engagement on messenger after they leave.

4. WhatsApp Live Chat Widget - Add a WhatsApp live chat widget in the corner of your website for live chat with on-site visitors and re-engagement on messenger after they leave.

Now let us understand the behavior settings that we offer for our opt-in tools:-

1. When to show:-

  • Welcome - As soon as user lands on your website, to welcome them to your brand.

  • Exit Intent - Whenever a user is abandoning the website (clicking on cross button), a popup captures their attention. 

  • Scroll Intent - Based on how much a user has scrolled a page, show them a popup at the right time. 

  • Time on page - Based on the time spent by a user on the website/page. 

2. Where to show:-

  • Which device - To display on both desktop and mobile or only mobile/desktop.

  • Placement on page - Where on the page should the widget appear, in the corner, on the sidebar or in the center (depends on type of opt-in tool)

3. Who to show:-

  • Already Opted In - Whether to display popups to users who have already opted in or not.

The final step is to set up follow up messages for each opt-in tool:-

At the end of each opt-in tool there is a section to setup the follow up message for that opt-in tool. This is the first message that users will receive after opting in through that opt-in tool. It could be a discount that you had offered or just a welcome message that you want to send but it is highly recommended to setup a follow up message for each opt-in tool so users can start engaging with your bot and have a good user experience.

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