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Getting Started With BiteSpeed
Getting Started With BiteSpeed

We share the first steps for you to setup and be successful with BiteSpeed's platform

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A Quick Overview:-

BiteSpeed helps you retarget website visitors based on their activity on your website in Facebook Messenger and engage with them using our chatbot. We do this by first getting visitors to subscribe to your Facebook Messenger list using opt-in tools and then sending them campaigns. 

Some of the common use-cases include:- 

  • Recovering abandoned carts

  • Retargeting window shoppers (people who browsed a product but didn't add to cart)

  • Sending welcome discounts to first time website visitors 

So How Do We Get Started? 

To get started, we'll just cover the 3 essentials:-

1. Ensure your Facebook page is connected

As the very first step, make sure your Facebook page is connected to BiteSpeed. If you missed it in the onboarding process, you can go to settings and connect your page from there. 

For more information on how to connect your Facebook page and common issues, you can have a look at this article

2. Setup opt-in tools

The final step is to setup the opt-in tools so that visitors can subscribe to your bot and then start receiving the auto-campaigns you setup. You'll need to activate atleast one opt-in tool to start collecting subscribers. You can get a detailed overview with best practices in this article. At the final stage of setting up each opt-in tool, you'll need to set up a follow-up message and you can find information on setting up these welcome campaigns here

We recommend activating 3 opt-in tools for best results - persistent discount widget, visual popup for welcome intent and the spin-the-wheel popup on exit intent. 

3. Setup initial auto campaigns

The next step is to setup the first auto campaigns. Auto-campaigns are messages which will be sent automatically to your subscribers based on the stage in their purchase journey - like abandoning a cart, opting in through a discount popup. You can find more details on auto-campaigns here

We recommend enabling the abandoned cart campaign, product abandonment campaign and welcome campaigns for the opt-in tools you have set up to generate maximum revenue.

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