To import your messenger subscribers from another Facebook Messenger Bot platform, we will need to import a PSID list of all your subscribers. These are the steps you can follow:-

1. Ask your existing platform for a PSID list of your subscribers 

A PSID list is a unique identifier list of your messenger subscribers. You can ask your existing platform for a PSID list of your subscribers and they are obligated to share it with you.

2. Send us the PSID list of your subscribers to import

You can share the PSID list with us in the form of an excel sheet and we will be happy to import your subscribers manually for you. 

3. Remove apps that may conflict with BiteSpeed

Please remove any apps that perform the same function as BiteSpeed to avoid any conflict in message delivery. 

4. Ideally, set BiteSpeed to primary receiver 

In the Messenger Platform settings, under App settings below Connected apps, click on Configure. Set BiteSpeed as the primary receiver so that messages are received by BiteSpeed first.

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